Network Support

Compel Knows Networks

Compel specializes in end-end network implementation, for both Local Area Networks (LANs) within offices or buildings, Wide Area Networks (WANs) for connectivity between buildings and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure connectivity across the Internet between buildings.

Benefits of Networking

A network is a connection of user PC’s, printers and other devices that allows for sharing of resources, such as application software, data and other devices. A network can reduce overall costs through this resource sharing, and it can facilitate electronic communications. A successfully implemented LAN/WAN is a major contributor to efficiency and in many cases is essential for growing organizations to manage their information and technology in support of their business.

Servers: The Heart of A Network

The devices on a network are connected by Ethernet cabling, with a variety of network components such as switches, routers and hubs deployed depending upon the required configuration. But the heart of the network is one or more servers that stores major applications and data, and through its operating system (Microsoft Windows Server) manages access to applications, storage of data, and communications.

Protecting Your Data

Ensuring that your Corporate Data is thoroughly protected via an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Network Security software, Virus Scan software and a Disaster Recovery back-up system.

Turnkey Network Implementation Services

We offer complete LAN/WAN design and implementation services to ensure your successful network implementation.