Cloud Services

Fusemail Email Filtering and Exchange

Compel works with and trusts FuseMail to enable your business to communicate with confidence every day. Fusemail offers cloud based services providing simple solutions for email security, spam and virus filtering, email archiving, email encryption and hosted Exchange. 

For existing users of Fusemail you can log in with the links below:

Fusemail Link
Fusemail Exchange

 Managed Online Backup and Antivirus

Our monitoring and asset tracking service provider Solar-winds provides us with additional Cloud service options. With our Managed Antivirus and online backup services we can deploy and manage your services directly through our dashboard.  These software options are a great solution for laptops that travel around and are not connected to a domain, or for small sites that want full business antivirus protection and/or backup but cannot justify the cost of their own full set of antivirus licenses. For pricing contact us at: 

Microsoft Office 365

Compel is proud to offer Microsoft Office 365 to our customers! Office 365 is an online cloud based subscription version of Microsoft Office. Office 365 comes in a variety of plans, from simple hosted email plans to the full office suite of programs and services (including email). See the comparison chart down below to see the differences between the plans. Feel free to contact us for more information on Office 365 as we are happy to provide plan recommendations for your business, and have experience in providing a seamless migration of your old email systems to the cloud!

Microsoft Office 365 Logo
Login to your Existing Office 365 account

Plan NameMailbox ArchiveMonthly CostOffice SoftwareEmail
Exchange Plan 150gb$4.90Not IncludedYes
Exchange Plan 2Unlimited$9.70Not IncludedYes
Business Essentials50gb
$6.10Not IncludedYes
BusinessN/A$10.50Not IncludedNo
Business Premium50gb$15.20IncludedYes
Enterprise E150gb$9.70Not IncludedYes
Enterprise E3/A3Unlimited$25.30IncludedYes

For further details on the differences between the plans download the excel sheet below.